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Company Name Plainfield Electric Co.
Member Name Gregory Rosenberg
City Plainfield
State NJ
Profile image Gregory Rosenberg
Phone 908-755-3982
Zip Code 07060-2214
Company Name Stromko Electric
Member Name Brian Stromko
City Maplewood
State NJ
Profile image Brian Stromko
Phone 973-762-6639
Zip Code -
Company Name MIke Spagnuolo Electrical Contractor Inc
Member Name Mike Spagnuolo
City West Orange
State NJ
Profile image Michael Spagnuolo
Phone 973-325-6812
Zip Code 7052
Company Name Jeff Houston Electrical Contractor
Member Name Jeff Houston
City Summit
State NJ
Profile image Jeff Houston
Phone 908-721-6455
Zip Code -
Company Name Kp Electrical Contractor
Member Name Kenneth Pek
City High Bridge
State NJ
Profile image Kenneth Pek
Phone -
Zip Code -
Company Name His & Her Electric
Member Name Robert Calabrese
City Rockaway
State NJ
Profile image Robert Calabrese
Phone 877-447-1437
Zip Code -
Company Name Polyphase Electric, Inc.
Member Name Craig Hirsch
City Garwood
State NJ
Profile image Craig Hirsch
Phone 908-789-3131
Zip Code -
Company Name R.C. Electric Co.
Member Name Robert Chiriani
City -
State -
Profile image Robert Chiriani
Phone 908-354-5868
Zip Code -
Company Name RF-Electric
Member Name Russel Frank
City South Plainfield
State NJ
Profile image Russell Frank
Phone 908-755-8510
Zip Code '07080
Company Name Atlas Electric Service
Member Name Paul Levenberg
City Elizabeth
State NJ
Profile image Paul Levenberg
Phone 908-354-2700
Zip Code -
Company Name Nader Electrical Heating & Cooling LLC
Member Name Nader Ghanim
City -
State -
Profile image Nader Ghanim
Phone 732-439-8810
Zip Code -
Company Name Richard T. Swisstack & Son
Member Name Richard Swisstack
City Rahway
State NJ
Profile image Richard Swisstack
Phone 732-382-4410
Zip Code -
Company Name Custom Media Controls
Member Name Scott Shauger
City Maplewood
State NJ
Profile image Scott Shauger
Phone 973-762-3333
Zip Code -
Company Name Wilkinson
Member Name Wilkinson
City Clark
State NJ
Profile image Ken Wilkinson
Phone 908-868-5490
Zip Code -
Company Name A. Schipiani Electrical Contr.
Member Name Anthony Schipani
City New Providence
State NJ
Profile image Anthony Schipani
Phone 908-464-8369
Zip Code -
Company Name Ackerman Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Member Name David Ackerman
City Livingston
State NJ
Profile image David Ackerman
Phone 973-533-0461
Zip Code (07039)
Company Name Billick & Sons, Inc.
Member Name Cliff Billick
City Linden
State NJ
Profile image Cliff Billick
Phone 908-862-2220
Zip Code (07036)
Company Name Oliver Browne & Sons Electrical Contracting, LLC
Member Name Oliver Browne
City Summit
State NJ
Profile image Oliver Browne
Phone 908-522-1844
Zip Code (07901)
Company Name Ryan, Inc.
Member Name Jack Ryan
City Union
State Nj
Profile image Jack Ryan
Phone 908-687-4300
Zip Code -
Company Name Electrical Services Co.
Member Name Bruce Robak
City Irvington
State NJ
Profile image Bruce Robak
Phone 973-375-6471
Zip Code -
Company Name All Jersey Electrical Contracting, Inc
Member Name Keith Dorton
City Springfield
State NJ
Profile image Keith Dorton
Phone 973-477-4106
Zip Code -
Company Name Rhodes & Sons Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Member Name Steve Rhodes
City Middlesex
State NJ
Profile image Steve Rhodes
Phone 732-424-0600
Zip Code 08846, 07059
Company Name Puerari Electric, Inc
Member Name Joseph Puerari
City Kenilworth
State NJ
Profile image Joseph Puerari
Phone 908-276-3687
Zip Code -
Company Name John Sileo Electrical Contractors
Member Name John Sileo
City Maplewood
State NJ
Profile image John Sileo
Phone 973-761-1590
Zip Code -
Company Name Bernard B. Crecca Electrical Contractor, Inc.
Member Name Bernard Crecca
City Berkeley Heights
State NJ
Profile image Bernard Crecca
Phone 908-322-7996
Zip Code -
Company Name Faraone Brothers Electrical Contractors
Member Name John Faraone
City Cranford
State NJ
Profile image John Faraone
Phone 908-276-0990
Zip Code -
Company Name Preferred Electrical Service, Inc.
Member Name Moran James
City Vauxhall
State NJ
Profile image Moran James
Phone 908-686-6222
Zip Code -
Company Name Powers Electrical Supply
Member Name John Powers
City Maplewood
State NJ
Profile image John Powers
Phone 973-378-8824
Zip Code -
Company Name Convenience Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Member Name Wayne Giampino
City Clark
State NJ
Profile image Wayne Giampino
Phone 908-276-3342
Zip Code -
Company Name R. Bagwell Electric
Member Name Randy Bagwell
City Union Beach
State NJ
Profile image Randy Bagwell
Phone 973-277-3048
Zip Code (07735)

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There are many advantages to becoming a member of UCECA. Come participate in classes, seminars, and outings while learning from your peers and associates! 

 “Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from the organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”   

—President Theodore Roosevelt (1908)

 Some of the many membership advantages are: the dissemination of necessary code information as rapidly as it can be procured; the promotion of good relations between contractors, inspection authorities, and municipalities; providing information regarding new materials, methods, trends, with the assistance of manufacturers and suppliers; understanding and having a voice in the process of the legislation of laws that affect us every day on all levels of government, including our licensing board; access to business insurance plans; and more.

Our continuing education department holds several NEC code seminars each license cycle, and also additional education seminars to facilitate the 34 hour continuing education (CE) requirements set forth by the Sate of New Jersey, many being held free to members in our regular monthly meetings.